Have you always been interested in riding a canoe or do you already have some experience crossing lakes and rivers in this interesting and classic vessel? Whether you are experienced or new to canoeing, here you can find all the information you need about canoes, taking them out on the water and other things such as interesting accessories.


Canoe Paddles

There are different kinds of paddles available for canoeing. What size do you need, what length should the blade be and should you purchase a bent canoe paddle or a straight one? Find out all of this and more in my extensive guide about canoe paddles.


Canoe Seats

Do you want to sit more relaxed in your canoe, have some extra back support and a comfortable cushion underneath so riding your canoe doesn’t literally become a pain in the ass? Check out these handy canoe seats and read all about why they are so convenient when going out in your canoe.


Canoe Rental

Of course you would like to try out a canoe before you go out and purchase one, after which you might find out you don’t like it that much or you really don’t have the space to store it. By renting a canoe you will find out if you really like the sport and if a particular model is suited for you.


Fishing Canoe

It is nice to go into nature for some relaxing fishing. No noise around you, just the sounds of the water and the wind. What vessel would be more suitable for your quiet fishing adventure than a classic canoe? Find the best fishing canoes and what you should pay attention to when you start fishing from a canoe.


Inflatable Canoe

Do you want to have your own canoe, but do you lack the storage space or can you not transport it that easily to the water? Then an inflatable canoe is surely an option worth looking at. This solves these issues and you can easily take them on longer trips to the water!

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