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Tom - team Stand up paddle board world

Hi there!

My name is Tom, 30 years old, I live in the Netherlands. Yep, that’s the country that is for one third under water. Maybe that’s why I just love water 😉.

Ever since I was a child my parents have been taking me to the coast of the Netherlands. I love all sports that are related to water.

The most amazing thing about paddleboarding for me is the ease to go out with my board. I always SUP on an inflatable board; this is already waiting in my backpack. I get on my bicycle or take the car and a few moments later I am paddling around in the most relaxing places. Lovely!

I primarily go paddleboarding to relax after a day of hard work

The combination of my work behind the computer and my love for water sports is what made me start this website. On StandupPaddleboardWorld I review the most popular Stand Up Paddle Boards that are available on the market at the moment. I compare them to other models and try to give my opinion about them as honest as possible!

Although I spend a lot of time at my pc, I’m not very active on Social Media. You can follow me on FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM but forgive me if I do not respond to your message within a day😉

Do you have any questions or do you have advice for my website? Please send me an email at: tom@standuppaddleboardworld.com. I would love to get in touch with you and exchange our SUP experiences. 😊


– Tom



Hoi daar,

Mijn naam is Wietse en ik woon in Friesland, one of the northern provinces of The Netherlands, which has a lot of canals and is known for the Elfstedentocht (eleven city tour), a daring 136-mile (220 km) tour along eleven cities throughout the entire province.

I am 30 years old and I am a physical education teacher in primary school and also trainer/coach in speed skating and Stand Up Paddling (SUP). I have my own small business in SUP where I work with small groups of a maximum of 8 people and besides that I also do some personal training. I focus on which technique is the best for every individual person.

I was basically born on the water. My parents taught us sailing and windsurfing, and even in the winter period we stayed connected with water, but this time frozen water. I learned speed skating at a young age and did local competitions until 2012.

In 2012, I started with Stand Up Paddling and soon bought my first board, a 12’,6” x 30 inches touring/race board. Stand Up Paddling is a sport where you can compete in competitions, which suited me. From 2013 I trained a lot and did several competitions in The Netherlands every year.
My best results the 4th place at the SUP NL time trial race in Breda in 2017, and I completing the SUP 11 City Tour in 2015 in the race competition.

Ik ben blij dat ik Stand Up Paddle boards kan beoordelen vanuit mijn ervaring als wedstrijdracer maar ook als leraar is het interessant om de verschillen en voordelen van bepaalde boards te leren kennen zodat ik die kennis kan gebruiken in mijn trainingen en coachingsessies.

When you are in The Netherlands, please come and visit Leeuwarden and book a lesson to learn more about SUP techniques. Until then, check out my website www.suptrainingleeuwarden.nl .

Enjoy the water when it’s possible!