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Can you tame the wild Aqua Marina Beast?

The Aqua Marina Beast is one of the better advanced all-around Aqua Marina Stand Up Paddle Boards. A sturdy all-round board to take on many adventures!

Aqua Marina Beast 2021 Update

The new Aqua Marina Beast 2021 has been released and its design has completely changed, in line with the whole 2021 looks of the new Aqua Marina collection. The board has the same length and width as the 2020 version.

The board has become quite lighter, with 19.2lbs / 8.7kg instead of of the previous 20.5 LBS / 9.3 kg. The maximum carrying capacity has remained the same, so it is just easier to carry this board now!


  • Allround-board for beginners and more advanced SUP boarders
  • Upon purchase you get a complete package so you do not have to incur extra costs to start
  • Higher kicktail for easier turning
  • Lightweight product that is easy to carry and inflate
  • Is wonderful for touring


  • Not so agile due to its width and length
  • The board is not fast enough for the advanced SUP boarder (5+ years experience)

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The Aqua Marina Beast inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is a stable allround board with a size of 10.6′ x 32″ and a thickness of 6″ that feels very comfortable on the water.

With a weight of 19.2 lbs and a maximum carrying capacity of 308 lbs this colorful board is a great choice for many activities and it has a number of nice features.

This board is great for a combination of touring and a bit wilder adventures. Smaller than the Aqua Marina Atlas so better for curves and edges, but not for the longest touring trips.

I liked this board for trips that lasted a couple of hours. I did go out on the ocean with this board, but from coast to coast, not into the deep sea.

LengteWidthThicknessMax weight loadWeight board
10’6″32″6″308 LBS / 140 kg19.2 LBS / 8.7 kg

Aqua Marina Beast 1

Primary use
All Round / Yoga / Touring / Relaxing

Aqua Marina Beast 2

Speed on the water
The board is pretty long, but also wide. Perfect for small tours and catching waves but not suited for racing.

Aqua Marina Beast 3

It is very easy to transport this SUP because it is inflatable and light. Even on your back if you go with a bicycle.

Aqua Marina Beast 4

The board is stable on the water and the weight capacity of 308 lbs is even enough to take a pet or a child along.


My own experience

When I got on this paddle board it really felt better and more stable than the all-round Aqua Marina boards. It has a bigger surface than a Breeze/Vapor/Fusion and is very good for touring.

To be fair this is my second favorite board after the Aqua Marina Atlas, which I prefer a bit more than the Aqua Marina Beast as it is bigger and it enables me to take along a friend for the trip.

However, for catching waves and sharp turns this board is way better. So if you want action this board is the way to go!


The style of the Beast is newer and adapted to modern times, in comparison to the older version of the board. I really like the new design, the blue and yellow will surely attract attention and is also great for safety reasons!

The Aqua Marina Beast is a versatile all-round inflatable SUP Board, which is a nice addition to the existing collection. As for the Aqua Marina collection, this is a bit similar to the Magma / Thrive, the more premium all-round boards.

However, of these boards the Aqua Marina is best suited for touring.

Where the Aqua Marina Fusion and Vapor models are sold very often and have many fans, more and more people are looking for a slightly wider and more stable board with a length of 10’6″.


The thickness of 6″ and the width of 32″ of the Aqua Marina Beast make it an extremely stable paddle board and the board feels very stiff, if it is inflated to the recommended pressure of 15 PSI.

Especially suitable for touring and to take along some extra gear, a child or a pet on your trip.

The board feels very solid and stable, which is of course necessary for longer trips. I like the big EVA-deck so I have grip everywhere.

The addition of the kicktail (just like the Aqua Marina Magma, Triton and Atlas) is great and makes it a lot easier to make turns on the water.


Important features

Aqua Marina Beast 5

• Lightweight drop stitch technology
• Full deck and base quality printing and rail design for superior optics
• Removable slide-in Center Fin
• Integrated cargo D-ring with easy-adjustable bungee cord to attach luggage
• Comfortable neoprene handle
• Tail kick pad for critical bottom turns and cutbacks
• Diamond grooving footpad for ultimate grip and comfort
• 3-piece adjustable aluminum paddle
• Aqua Marina double action pump for fast & easy inflation

Aqua Marina Beast 6

SUP comes with one center fin

Aqua Marina Beast 7

The Aqua Marina Beast is made out of lightweight drop stitch material and very sturdy but easy to carry

Aqua Marina Beast 8

Inflate / deflate
SUP is inflated in nearly 10 mins with the supplied pump

Aqua Marina Beast 9

1 year warranty on production errors

Aqua Marina Beast 10

Very stylish and modern design

In the package


The Aqua Marina Beast stand up paddle board is delivered including an Aqua Marina Sports III Paddle. The Sports III Paddle is an aluminum paddle in 3 parts, that can be height adjusted so it is always on the right length.

To be fair, if you are planning to take long touring trips on the Aqua Marina Beast, you should look at a Carbon Paddle or a Glassfiber one that has more quality than this one.

Check out the best SUP paddles!



The Aqua Marina Double Action Pump makes sure the job gets done as soon as possible, as it inflates both when the pump is pulled up and when it is pressed down.


Read my full guide on the Best SUP Pumps for 2020


The board includes a simple Aqua Marina paddle board leash. A straightforward leash without a coil, that is always extended. This version is not as good as the coiled version that is sold separately, but for a free included leash it is good enough.

Aqua Marina Beast 11


Finally, the supplied backpack. In this respect it is very similar to the ankle cord: it is not made of the best material, but is fine in use and does what you expect from it. Don’t fill the backpack with other heavy stuff, because then it might tear out. Furthermore, it’s big enough to store your board in.


Optional accessories (not included)

Aqua Marina Beast 12

Restube classic
Because extra safety measures never hurt anyone!

Aqua Marina Beast 13

Aqua Marina Bluedrive Power fin
For those who are too lazy to paddle themselves 😉

Difference between an Inflatable board and a Hard board

Advantages Inflatable board

  • Easy to take on holiday (even on the plane)
  • Easy to store in the winter days
  • Much cheaper
  • Technology has improved greatly over the past 10 years. For this reason, these boards are now almost hard to distinguish from hard boards

Advantages Hardboard

  • More speed, which is important if you are a professional
  • Easier to make sharp turns on the water because the board is thinner
  • No inflation needed, you can get on the water right away

Other reviews of the Aqua Marina Beast online

The Aqua Marina Beast is a very popular Stand Up Paddle Board and has thus been reviewed by many different websites online.

A short overview of these reviews below:

Ebay: Rating 4.8/5. ” Good sturdy material, easy to transport and tons of fun! I suggest buying a better paddle. After adjusting height a couple of times it broke completely. ” (Based on 5 reviews) Rating 4.7/5. “Awesome board. Great board at entry level price.
If you’re looking at entry level boards this is the one to go for.”
[amazon fields=” B07HKLZ73B” value=”star_rating”] [amazon fields=”B07HKLZ73B” value=”reviews”]

Frequently Asked Questions about the Aqua Marina Beast

What is the maximum carrying capacity of the Aqua Marina Beast?

308 lbs / 140 kg

What is the weight of the Aqua Marina Beast?

19.2 lbs / 8.7 kg

What is the air pressure of the Aqua Marina Beast?

15 PSI

What is the size of the Aqua Marina Beast?

The Aqua Marina Beast is 10.6′ x 32″ and a thickness of 6″

What is the volume of the Aqua Marina Beast?

300 L

Which paddle does the Aqua Marina Beast include?

The Aqua Marina Sports III Paddle

What kind of pump comes with the Aqua Marina Beast?

The Aqua Marina Double Action Pump Liquid Air V2

How many D-rings does the Aqua Marina Beast have?

Drings. 4 Drings on the nose attached with a bungee cord. 4 More Dring for kayak seat attachment. 1 Dring on the tail for ankle leash attachment.

What is the warranty on the Aqua Marina Beast?

1 year warranty

How many carry handles does the Aqua Marina Beast have?

1 comfortable neoprene handle in the center of the board

How many fins does the Aqua Marina Beast have?

1 Large detachable central fin

What material is the Aqua Marina Beast made of?

Lightweight drop stitch technology


Conclusion – Should I buy this board?

In general, the Aqua Marina Beast is an inflatable SUP Board, that is super sturdy, is affordable and has some cool features. This is an ideal Allround-board for beginners and more advanced SUP boarders, and the versatile design makes it possible to paddle in many different circumstances.

The Beast offers a great stiffness thanks to the 6″ thickness and with one fin the board sails surprisingly well.

I love the striking design of this model and the additional SUP leash is a very useful addition. Also the heightened Kick-Tail, that the Aqua Marina Beast has is very practical to make Pivot-Turns and perform other maneuvers.

As said the board is a bit of a combination between a touring board and a board that is more suitable for wilder waters. Do you only want to take long tours? Then I would recommend you to take the Aqua Marina Atlas board instead.

The included accessories are fairly standard, but do what they are made for. In the future I would like to see a handle added to the MAGIC backpack.

All in all I am very impressed by the Aqua Marina Beast iSUP and I can surely recommend this for price-conscious SUP boarders looking for a beautiful Allround iSUP.

What do you think about the Aqua Marina Beast and the design of the board? Do you like the combination of a touring paddle board and a paddle board for wilder water or would you rather have a model dedicated to one purpose?

I’m looking forward to hearing from you and your opinion about this popular board. Where are you from and have you tried this board before? Let me know, I’m looking forward to hear from you!

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Review geschreven door: Tom

Hi! Mijn naam is Tom. Gedurende het jaar probeer ik zoveel mogelijk op een sup board te staan. Door mijn blog te lezen blijf je op de hoogte van alles wat ik test op het water :)
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  • 2 reacties op “Aqua Marina Beast”

    1. Hoi Tom,

      Het klinkt allemaal super en fantastisch zeker na het lezen van je vele reviews, maar een keuze maken blijft moeilijk. Het maakt mij zelfs een beetje gek.
      Afgelopen zomer heb ik voldoende ervaring opgedaan op een Aqua Marina Monster van vrienden dat ik zelf een sup wil aankopen. Dat ging fantastisch vlot, ligt het aan mijn stabiel evenwicht of de sup? Niemand geloofde dat ik voor het eerst aan het suppen was.
      Ik ben op zoek naar een sup om recreatief langere afstanden mee te touren op meren, fjorden, rivieren en op milde golfjes op zee langs de kust. Ik weeg een 56kg, neem geen huisdieren of tweede persoon mee op de sup. Ik hoef niet bepaald te gaan racen al maak ik graag wat snelheid voor de sport.
      Ik las dat je een voorkeur hebt voor de Aqua Marina Beast. Denk je dat deze het beste past bij wat ik verwacht van mijn sup? Welke sup zou je mij aanraden?
      Ik wens maximum €500 te spenderen aan een sup+pakket, niet onbelangrijk.
      Dankjewel voor het lezen van mijn bericht en ik lees graag jouw reactie als ‘sup tester’.
      Vriendelijke groet, Sofie

      • Hi Sofie,

        De Monster is inderdaad zeker stabiel, tof dat je het zo snel oppakt! Met een laag gewicht en geen extra’s heb je geen al te groot board nodig inderdaad, voor touren zouden een Aqua Marina Monster, Atlas of Beast dan het meest geschikt zijn.
        Als je reeds een goede ervaring hebt met de Monster zou je daarvoor kunnen kiezen, bij extra stabiliteit op lange tours is de Atlas een mooie optie.

        Laat me weten waar je uiteindelijk voor kiest!


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    Review geschreven door: Tom

    Hi! Mijn naam is Tom. Gedurende het jaar probeer ik zoveel mogelijk op een sup board te staan. Door mijn blog te lezen blijf je op de hoogte van alles wat ik test op het water :)
    Interesse in de door mij geteste SUP boards? Check deze pagina!