Swimming Suits and Best Recommendations

Time to take out the swimming suits. Summer’s here and it keeps on getting hotter! You’re bound to be invited to the local pool or the beach nearby. What’s the first question that comes to mind? I have a good guess. 

What are you gonna wear? Do you want to cover up? Maybe a shirt will do. Or maybe you wanna show some skin? Would wearing one-piece swimming suits do? Maybe a bikini! So, would a halter top do? Or a bandeau! 

Let’s not forget about the men! Would a shirt and some shorts do? Or your go-to trusted trunks? Boardshorts would be great for riding the waves, too. It’s quite a situation!

Okay, let’s slow down a bit. That must be a lot to take in. The possibilities for swimming suits are endless, see! Not only that, there’s a whole lot to consider when choosing the swimwear that fits and flatters you just right.  I know it’s a tad overwhelming. But don’t worry, I got you.

I’ll tell you about the names of the different swimming suits, and what activities they are suited for and of course, how to choose the right one. Or maybe two. We’ll also start with several recommendations available in the market today. 

But how did we get to the current selection of swimming suits we have today? Let’s find out. 

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A Brief History of Swimming Suits

We all know what swimming suits are by now. It’s an item of clothing specifically designed to be worn when engaging in any activity that involves splashing, fun waters. Sometimes it’s meant to be worn under wetsuits. Sometimes, it’s the main article of clothing.

But, did you know that these pieces of clothing went through a lot of changes up until we reached this point?

Long before the invention of the modern-day bikini and swimming trunks, people wore no swimsuits at all. Swimming in the nude or in loincloths was the norm!

It wasn’t until the 18th century that swimming suits were required. For the women, it was modesty over fashion. With their smock-like bathing gowns, the shade of the bonnets, and the wrap of their shawls, they wore weights at the hems of their “suits” to prevent exposure of their legs. Meanwhile, the men took a solid, no-frills approach, with a simple pair of caleçons (drawers) worn when swimming. 

Of course, the swimming suits designs changed over time. By the mid to late 19th century, wool was the main material used for men’s swimwear. Compared to cotton, it absorbed less water, but it was still enough to make swimming difficult. Meanwhile, women’s swimwear of choice was typically black, knee-length, puff-sleeved wool dresses. 

The 20th century called for less burdensome swimming attire. Eventually, women began wearing swimming suits that flattered their figures. The lower necklines allowed exposure of arms and legs, black no longer being the main color.

This paved the way for the reinvention of the two-piece bikini by Jacques Heim and Louis Réard in 1946. By this time, semblances of modern-day swimwear started to appear.

Men also experienced this shift from modest swimwear to looser styles. The long sleeves were replaced by generously cut armholes, more athletic pieces.

By the 1930s, men were given the choice to either reveal their bare chests or opt for the loose swimming trunks. The succeeding decades then saw how their fashion jumped from loose boxers to tight trunks. 

Material for all swimming suits evolved. Emphasis on durability, color retention, aesthetics, and rapid drying were the big considerations. It seems that the styles from the last century were here to stay.

Cool, so What Types of Swimming Suits Are Out There?

You’re all up to speed with how we all came to wearing hot looks for summer! So, what is out there for you, you ask? Well, we’ve got a lot of types of swimming suits to choose from. We’ve got ones for both the guys and the gals! Overwhelmed? A bit confused? I got you! In this section, we’ll talk about what you can flaunt during that next weekend getaway or that chill dip at your friend’s place.

Swimming Suits and Best Recommendations 3
Swimming suits for women


Rash guards

This swimsuit is a type of athletic wear usually made of spandex, nylon, or polyester. If you’re about to spend a long time under the sun or engage in higher-intensity sports, such as surfing, perhaps a rash guard is what you need for that next trip!


Similar to rashguards, wetsuits fit close to the body. But, with its insulation, this one is better for prolonged immersion, usually for snorkeling or scuba diving. Wondering how it keeps you warm under a significant amount of water?

Wetsuits trap a thin layer of water close to the skin, then that same layer heats up due to body temperature. In case you’re gearing up for a scuba diving trip, better know that a wetsuit is what you need!


Swimming Suits and Best Recommendations 4
Swimming suits for men

These are the most common swimming suits. These look very similar to casual shorts worn on land, but these are made from light, and fast-drying materials. Think polyester or nylon. If you’d want to go really casual on that next beach trip, then this one’s for you!


With a non-elastic waist and closer fit to the torso, this one was originally developed for board sports, such as surfing, paddleboarding, etc. See, this is a longer version of trunks that come to or past the knee. Definitely stylish and casual enough for the next time you drop by the beach. 

Swim briefs

Often called speedos, these swimming suits are tight, body-hugging suits with a V-shaped front that bare the man’s thighs. These are mostly worn by professional recreational athletes, mainly in diving and water polo. If you want to move quickly underwater, this one is a good choice.

Square-cut shorts

Care for something less revealing than swim briefs? Well, these square-cut shorts may hug your body similarly, but these offer much more coverage throughout your waist and upper thighs. Very suitable for the next swim meet.


These are knee-length, skin-tight suits that reduce drag. With the speed advantage it offers, you can see why competitive swimmers and water athletes prefer to wear this during events. 


Swimming Suits and Best Recommendations 5
One-piece swimming suits for women
One-piece swimming suits

A staple in swimwear, especially if you want to keep that vintage look. These types of swimming suits are perfect for any activity out in the sun, or the swimming lessons you’ll be taking this summer! Made of a skin-tight garment, this covers the torso well, except the back and upper chest. Not ready to show more of your skin? This one is a good pick! 


An all-time favorite for women is the bikini. Composed of two pieces, this one has a lot of styles to choose from! Perfect for those who would love to show off some skin or would prefer to wade the waters with more modest attire. 


These are two-piece swimming suits composed of the typical bikini top and a skirt, which covers up your hips and thighs.


Through this combination of a tank top and bikini bottom, this bikini subtype hugs your figure nicely while hiding the tummy. Want to start wearing those bikinis, but not ready to show a lot of skin? You can start with these types of swimming suits! 

Sling Swimming Suits

This one is also knowns as a sling bikinis, with its suspender thong. The Y-shaped style is a bold look that would definitely turn heads towards your direction! 

Ruffle Swimming Suits
Swimming Suits and Best Recommendations 6
Ruffle swimming suits

This bikini brings extra, well, ruffles to that top! With those frills paired with some cute bikini bottoms, this one is perfect for framing women with small busts. 

Bandeau Swimming Suits

With this tube bikini top, this is one is perfect for flattering the figures of mid-bust women. 

Three-Piece Swimming Suits

What to expect from a three-piece swimsuit? Well, it’s your typical bikini pair coupled with a coordinating item. This is perfect for those who like to mix match pieces, ranging from pants, shorts, even hats!


This one is unique. If you’d want to go for an elegant look, this combination of a dress and swimsuit is just peachy! Especially suitable for those who want a swimsuit that hugs their figure without baring it all. 


Care for another figure-hugging swimsuit? Well, for this one, you get more coverage (and comfort!) compared to a standard swimsuit. With its sleek design, this one is perfect for competitions and heavier swimming activities. 


Also known as burqini, this one is a type of modesty swimsuit designs for Muslim women. Comprising a burqa and bikini, this suit covers the whole body except for the face, hands, and feet. Don’t worry. This one is still very much light for swimming at the beach!

Top-Bottom Swimming Suits

Still experimenting with swimwear but hesitant to show some skin? Well, this top-bottom set is for you! You’ve got an array of tops to choose from, and most of them don’t have to expose your tummy if you don’t want to! 

That’s a Lot! How Do I Choose Swimming Suits?

Swimming Suits and Best Recommendations 7
Swimming suits for men and women

I got you covered! I’ve got a few things you should consider before you head out to the stores or browse through Amazon. These probably breezed through your mind while thinking about it, so we’re gonna touch on those topics on a deeper level. 

Know your active needs

When selecting swimming suits for your next vacation, or maybe your next bout of swim training, you have to think about the intensity of your activities. If you’ll be spending a significant amount of time under the sun, maybe a rashguard is what you need.

Will you be diving deep towards the coral reefs? Or snorkeling with the fishes? Grab a wetsuit! Want to be competition-ready? Maybe some jammers. Just chilling with the family while on vacation? You’ve got a lot of swimsuits to choose from! 

Subjective visual impression

What is the look you’re aiming for?” is the main question you’ll be asking here. Aside from knowing your practical needs, we zone in on the vibe and aesthetics of your swimsuit. Are you going to the beach for romance? Do you want to look good for someone special?

You can either go for a bikini if you’re feeling bold or a one-piece swimsuit for modesty. Are you gearing up to teach students a swimming lesson? Perhaps, a pair of square-cut shorts are preferable. Again, take into consideration the purpose of your swimwear. 

Comfort and confidence

These are the last, but definitely not the least,  factors you should consider when choosing a swimsuit. You don’t have to box yourself in one color, one tank top, one pair of trunks. You can go wild with color! You can mix and match a cute tank top with different bikini bottoms!

You can show a lot of skin or cover up, regardless of sex. You can wear whatever you want, regardless of body type! You have to feel comfortable and confident in your swimsuit–because, you have to enjoy your experience in the water, too! 

Top Product Recommendations

If you don’t know where to start, I’ve got you covered. Here are recommendations for both and women. Don’t worry, I’ve taken both function and style into account!


SILKWORLD Men’s Swim Trunks Quick Dry Shorts with Pockets
swimming suits

We’re keeping it casual and cool with some refreshing colors with these swimming trunks! With its clean design, close fit, and versatile color options, your style is guaranteed as much as your comfort. Grab a pair of these for any circumstance: a dip in the pool, a beach vacation, or maybe even some water sports. 

Speedo Men’s Uv Swim Shirt Long Sleeve Loose Fit Easy Tee
swimming suits
Last updated on 04/06/2023 00:22

As much as swimming trunks and bare chests are the usual sites to see, men can cover up, too! This long-sleeved loose-fitting rash guard is perfect for the modest man. Not only that, its soft and light material protects you not just from the heat, but also from the sun’s rays. You’ve got yourself good protection with this tee!

Speedo Men’s Swimsuit Jammer Endurance+ Solid USA Adult
swimming suits
Last updated on 04/06/2023 00:22

Looking for a more conservative color palette for the next swimming event? Look no further than this pair of jammers. You can expect a nice hug to your figure with its stretch technology. This fit is suited for reducing drag without compromising your speed. Stylish, too. A pair of these would be good for that next swim meet!

Speedo Men’s Swimsuit Brief Powerflex Eco Solar
swimming suits
Last updated on 04/06/2023 00:22

Want to move much faster in the water while exposing a lot of skin? Then these pair of swim briefs are for you! There’s a reason why a lot of athletes prefer the staple that is Speedos. With its durable material, you can expect it to withstand many, many laps in the pool while reducing drag and giving you that speed advantage.

Speedo Men’s Swimsuit Jammer ProLT Solid
swimming suits
Last updated on 04/06/2023 00:22

Can’t get enough of jammers? Well, here’s another pair for you! Once again, you got that knee-length coverage and tight fit, really helping you move swiftly under the water. You’ve got several colors to choose from, too! 


Aleumdr Women’s Blouson Striped Printed Strappy T-Back Push-up Tankini Top with Shorts
swimming suits

We’re starting off our recommendations with a breathable, stretchy, and soft tankini! With its loose neckline, sporty look, you can wear this for a variety of events. May that be a casual trip to the beach, a session of water sports, a pool party, or just a fun getaway! Just choose a color that speaks you!

BALEAF Women’s Athletic Training Adjustable Strap One Piece Swimsuit Swimwear Bathing Suit

swimming suits

Want something simple yet durable? How about body-hugging but not much skin? Oh, something for training, too? Well, this one-piece swimsuit is just what you need! With its chlorine-resistant and durable polyester fabric, this swimsuit can withstand several laps in that pool! Not only that, you can look stylish while swimming with its nice array of designs and colors. 

beautyin Women’s One Piece Athletic Racerback Swimsuit Slimming Bathing Suit
swimming suits

Here’s another one for the female athlete! This one-piece swimwear features wide shoulder straps and a racerback. Lightweight, elastic, and sporty, this piece is very much perfect for the busy, and active competitive swimmer! 

TOP HERE Women’s Bandage Sporty Bathing Suit Boyleg Short Bikini Swimsuit
swimming suits

Need something more casual, and more daring for that next getaway? Look no further than this sporty two-piece bathing suit! It even has several designs to choose from.

With its polyester and spandex material, this will flatter your body’s features guaranteed. You’ll definitely turn heads without compromising your comfort with this one! 

American Trends Women’s Bathing Suit One Piece Swimsuits for Women Tummy Control Athletic Swimwear Slimming Swimdress
swimming suits

With its high-quality spandex and polyester material, you can expect a breathable, elastic, and comfortable experience with this swim dress! While it hides your tummy, it flatters your curves, too! This piece is perfect for a lot of occasions, may that be water sports, strolling at the beach, and other swimming activities. 

Don’t forget to consider your active needs, the intensity of your water activities, when choosing the right swimsuit for you. The visual impression you want to go for also impacts your choice of swimwear. And, of course, your comfort and confidence! You go engage in those water activities with your head held up high while feeling good!

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To sum it up, you now have a good grasp of what there is to know about swimming suits. From its history stretching back to ancient times up to the myriads of types available in the market today.

If you have any more questions about swimwear, head over to our Instagram and Facebook, where you can find more water sports and fun summer activities content. I’ll talk to you next time! 

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