Spikeball Questions and Answers – Everything You Need To Know

The Ultimate List of Spikeball Questions & Answers

Interested to know what spikeball is but have no time for reading in-depth? Or maybe you’ve already read the history of when Spikeball game originated and became widespread, but now you have additional questions, and you’d like to know more about it.

Well, whatever your reasons may be, you have come to the right place. After writing the first post on spikeball rules and how to play this game, I have received a ton of additional questions, and I must say, I love how interested you got in it.

But instead of answering separately to each and every one, I’ve decided to comprise a list of questions and answers about spikeball so that I can reach more people who might be interested in this super-fun social game.

So, let’s start with the most popular questions first.

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What is spikeball?

  • Initially inspired by volleyball, spikeball is an engaging game that does not require as much space. Instead of a vertical net as in volleyball, spikeball has a horizontal net. When you see it, it reminds you of a trampoline.

    Depending on the set size, it can be played by two teams of 2 to 3 players in each.
    Each team of players has its chance to bounce the ball off the net to the other team without catching it with two hands or carrying it anywhere.

    The goal is to prevent the opposing team from returning the ball and collect as many points before the opposing team does.
    Each game is played up to 21 points.

When was spikeball invented?

  • Jeff Knurek originally invented Spikeball in 1989. In the beginning, it was popular for about 4-5 years after going obsolete. It wasn’t until 2008 when Chris Ruder took an interest in the game and reinvented the playing equipment to be higher quality and more exciting.

    This attracted mainstream recognition, and Spikeball started to be played everywhere.
    More about how he accidentally stumbled upon the game and made it for what it is now, read here

When did spikeball become mainstream?

  • Even though it was already popular and gaining substantial profit already, the game truly made its debut on the Shark Tank Show in 2015. Spikeball appeared in the last episode of Season 6, which aired on May 15, 2015, and since then, it started selling like crazy.

How did spikeball get to “Shark Tank”?

  • Daymond John and Mr. Wonderful first reached out to spikeball to present it in the show. They did air it, but Chris Ruder further offered a 20% stake in the company for half a million dollars to Daymond John, which he, in the end, did not accept.
    However, all the fame around “Shark Tank” already brought great success to spikeball.

Roundnet or Spikeball?

  • Well, technically, both. You see, spikeball, when invented in 1989, was already called spikeball, but since it did not reach much success in the years that followed, the original inventor did not patent the design nor renewed the trademark. Upon taking an interest in the game, Chris Ruder, almost a decade later, paid only $800 to buy the trademarked name and patented his renewed design.

    However, after seeing some success, the competition started copying the game set and selling it under the Spikeball name. So, Chris had to come up with a solution, so he doesn’t lose the originality of his invention. For this, he came up with the name “Roundnet,” which perfectly describes the game but leaves his patent and trademark untacked.

What’s the difference between Slammo vs. Spikeball?

  • As the competition started copying the design of the game and the set itself, of them all, Slammo was the most popular right after Spikeball. You could say there’s no difference between as they both as similar sets to the same game where the same rules apply.

    However, even though Slammo is just another manufacturer of roundnet equipment as Spikeball is, avid players do say that Slammo is a bit lower quality than Spikeball – which I do believe is reflected in the price as well.

Slammo vs. Spikeball, which one is better?

  • There are some differences in the playing sets between Slammo vs. Spikeball, but those don’t impact the quality of the game. It’s a matter of habit and opinions and subjective.

It truly all depends on your preferences, but for more info on this, check out the Slammo vs. Spikeball article here, where I go into depth as to what to buy based on your needs.

How to set up the Spikeball set?

  • How do you set up spikeball is very easy. You will need to follow the instructions first, but after that, you can either leave it as is until the next game, if you have space as it doesn’t take up too much, or dissemble it until playtime.

    To give you an idea, you set up your spikeball set by clipping the net around the rims of the frame and then just make adjustments by pulling around the areas that feel loose. The net needs to be tight enough to bounce off the ball. But how do you know what is tight enough?

Well, you can perform a test. Drop the ball on the net from 3 feet above and measure how high it bounces. If it goes up to 12 inches, it is tight enough.


How is spikeball played?

Depending on the set size, you can be 4 or 6 players divided equally into two teams.
The teams line up across from each other with the net separating them. The servers from each group serve the ball to the other team, and the opposing team tries to return it without making fault moves that are also explained here.
Each team is fighting to make a score by making it hard for the opposing team to return the ball, just like in volleyball.

How to serve the ball in spikeball?

  • The entire game is pretty straightforward, and you’ll be able to get a hold of it after the first couple of times of playing. However, the serving is probably the most demanding thing that troubles most beginners.

When serving, you need to stand no less than 6 feet away from the net. If not, a point goes for the other team.
Additionally, you cannot serve straight out of your hand, but you have to throw the ball into the air, and it needs to fly at least 2 inches in the air when you hit it towards the net.

Dropping the ball, missing the hit, or catching it with two hands instead of hitting it with one count as a fault and gets the opposing team a score of 1 point.

How to adjust the spikeball net?

  • The tightness of the net largely determines the success of the game and how each team will play. It needs to be tight enough to bounce the ball off, but it also needs to be a tad bit soft, so it doesn’t throw the ball into the air too much.

As I said before, the perfect tension will be throwing the ball into the air at 12 inches when you throw the ball at it from 3 feet height.


How much should I inflate the spikeball ball?

  • The same thing as with the net, the ball needs to be correctly inflated, so it doesn’t affect the game negatively. And I say this because inflating it too much will make it hard and difficult to handle. And underinflating it will result in the ball not bouncing enough.

As someone who had played the game, I would say inflate it until it’s semi-soft. This way, you can control it, but it also bounces off nicely.

Can spikeball be played with 2 or 3 players only?

  • If wondering can you play spikeball with 2 players because you are short on people, I would say numbers shouldn’t stop you. Go for it!

However, know that when played one-on-one, it’s a bit more challenging to get competitive. But luckily, you can make modifications in the rules so that the game is still interesting.

For instance, instead of only one, now each player has the right to 2 touches of the ball per possession in 2-player games.

As for playing spikeball with 3 players, things can get a bit more complicated but none the less interesting. So, even though you need at least 4 players according to the official rules, you can change some of them to keep things fair and competitive.

In a 3-player spikeball game, each player will play on their own against the other 2, and you all will need to follow a rotation in which each player gets its turn.

Can I play spikeball indoors?

  • So long as you have the right space and you aren’t obstructed by objects around, you can play spikeball anywhere you like. Just make sure there are no valuable things around that could break.

Can you travel with spikeball?

  • The size of the set allows you to disassemble it and travel with it anywhere you like. If you are wondering can you bring spikeball on a plane, I would say yes. It’s all plastic, and when not assembled, it doesn’t take up too much space, so you can definitely take it with you no matter where you travel.

However, if you are only traveling with hand luggage, then I still think it should not be a problem, but it’s safest to check with your airline company just in case.

Where can I buy a spikeball set online?

You can buy a spikeball set from the original Spikeball Inc. webpage or order it on Amazon or Dick’s Sporting Goods.

If you have any other questions regarding spikeball, how to play or spikeball rules, or any other concerns, feel free to contact me, and I’ll include them in the list above.

In the meantime, I’d love to connect with you on my Facebook and Instagram account for more cool tips and recommendations on paddle boards and kayaks.

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