Slammo Vs Spikeball – What’s the Difference?

The Main Differences between Slammo and Spikeball

Spikeball and Slammo are two terms used interchangeably for the same game and similar set for playing. You will oftentimes see either of these two games played in people’s backyards or on the beach, and now there are even outdoor tournaments being organized frequently.

Ever since becoming mainstream popular, Spikeball or roundnet is taking over the world. But where is Slammo in all that? And what is Slammo anyway?

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Well, Slammo is just another name for a similar playing set for roundnet, but there are a few crucial differences that you need to be aware of if you are buying one of those sets. So, in order to pick the one that suits you the most, let’s break down what Spikeball and Slammo are in a quick review, and then we will talk about the two most in-depth.

With that said, let’s start with a quick preview of the most significant differences or similarities, to be precise.

Carrying BagYesYes
Ball Quantity33
Ball QualityThicker and heavierBetter bounce
Adjustable LegsYesNo
Training BallNoYes
Availability Official website, AmazonAmazon

Slammo vs Spikeball: A brief history

Even though I’ve covered the in-depth history of Spikeball or roundnet here, let’s just go over the most significant data once again.

Spikeball and Slammo are both roundnet games, with Spikeball being the original since it was invented and sold on the market first. Ever since Spikeball Inc. had great success, many competitor brands started appearing with Slammo manufactured by GoSports being among the most popular alternatives out there.

When it comes to popularity between the two, Spikeball still holds the first spot for being the most popular, as shown in the internet search trends, which spike for Spikeball around the summer months where the tip for Slammo is nowhere near that number.

Slammo vs Spikeball

The Main Differences Between Slammo Vs. Spikeball Sets

Here are the several main differences between slammo and spikeball that, as an experienced player, you will definitely notice at first glance.

  1. The frame with the net from Spikeball has adjustable legs, which gives this set the single most significant advantage over the competitors, including Slammo.

With such a design, you can fold and bend the set as needed, which gives you more flexibility, and it makes the set more durable. With adjustable legs, you can play on all terrains, including the uneven ones, so you have more freedom to play anytime, anywhere.

Slammo, on the other hand, has straight legs that cannot be adjusted, making it challenging to play on all terrains. With such a design, you will always need to find a flat surface for good gameplay. So, this would be an issue when it comes to the flexibility of the design.

  • The Slammo set includes a training ball, which is a fantastic addition that Spikeball does not have. This ball is a bit larger in size than the standard tournament ball, and it is excellent for newbies and kids who are just starting out playing roundnet as this type of ball is much easier to handle.
  • However, the original playing balls which come with the two sets are quite different in quality. The original and more expensive set, the Spikeball, has better-quality playing balls in their set, and you can tell the difference between the two just by holding them. The Slammo balls are lighter and thinner, and they don’t seem as durable as the Spikeball ones.

    With that said, do not disregard the Slammo balls just yet. While they a little lighter, as a new player, you might find this suitable for you because they offer a better bounce and maybe even more control for you.
  • The cost differences are also significant, although, in the long run, they do not make such a difference given that you’ll use this set for years. Namely, Slammo is about $20 to $30 cheaper. If the cost is a major issue for you, given that there are only slight differences between the sets, the Slammo is a great choice.

    However, some experienced players who value quality over cost say that in the long run, quality matters the most since you will be using the roundnet set for quite some time.
    So, this difference is really based on your needs and preferences.
  • Regarding the overall quality of the two sets, there isn’t much difference in general. The Spikeball set is strong and sturdy with a higher-quality plastic while the Slammo seems a bit thinner and flimsier, but that’s to be expected, given that it is cheaper than the original set.

    With that said, you should definitely take good care no matter which set you decide to get. You shouldn’t leave them exposed to the elements outside because no matter the quality of the plastic, it won’t withstand exposure, especially to the sun.

Overall, depending on your budget and preferences, these differences might seem subtle or significant to you. But if you ask me to give a definitive decision, I would say Slammo is more for beginners, and Spikeball is for the experienced or those who want more out of their roundnet set.


The Main Similarities Between The Slammo Vs. Spikeball Sets

Now that we have covered the main differences and you know what to expect let’s see what these sets have in common so you can make an informed decision.

  1. Firstly what I liked the most about the Slammo and Spikeball sets is that they both have a lifetime warranty. As a user, this gave me reassurance that they guarantee I get my money’s worth, mainly because this is a recreational game, and the equipment is likely to get damaged over time.

  2. The next thing would be the carrying bag that Slammo and Spikeball both have, which makes storing or traveling with the set reasonably easy. I mean, recreational games are all about the outdoors, right?

  3. Both manufacturers offer trustworthy customer service, which really is a plus for any product, to be honest. Sometimes I had given up on different products even though I liked them just because of their customer service, so I hope these two keep this feature as a big bonus. They offer quick replacements without any questions asked so you can enjoy your roundnet game undisturbed.

Slammo Vs. Spikeball: What to buy?

Which set is better is the big question now. But that’s also a question you have to answer for yourself given that you have both the differences and similarities laid out clearly, based on your preferences, requirements, and skill levels.

All in all, get Spikeball if:

  • You value quality over cost
  • You want more massive balls to play with
  • You like outdoor activities on all terrains and uneven surfaces
  • You are an advanced roundnet player, or you want to get advanced

Go for Slammo if:

  • The budget is your principal issue
  • You want the balls to have greater bounce to them when playing
  • You have flat terrain to play on at all times
  • You are a beginner, and you need a training ball to start with

So, the original Spikeball playing set offers better quality, but it costs more too, and its most significant upside is the fact that it can be adjusted for uneven surfaces. On the other hand, the Slammo may be a bit flimsy, but it does come with an additional training ball, and you are paying less for it. But both have a lifetime warranty, so you are truly getting your money’s worth no matter which one you go for.

I have also comprised the most frequently asked questions regarding how to play Spikeball and about roundnet in general in case you want to know more before you buy the set.

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