Spikeball is getting more and more popular, it’s an exciting and very active sport that you can play together with your friends in the outside air (or I have seen examples of people playing it inside even, but you need a big house!).

Are you interested in spikeball and do you want to know more about this sport and how you can start playing it yourself? Read all about it in the articles below!


What is spikeball

What is spikeball exactly, how do you play it, what are the rules and what do you need to get started? Here you will find more information about the game itself and you can discover why it is so popular.


The history of spikeball

Spikeball has a peculiar start as a sport, and it wasn’t until recently that it gained so much popularity (or became popular once again), and people started learning more about it and playing it. Read more about the history of spikeball and how it all got started here.


Slammo vs Spikeball

Spikeball and Slammo are two terms used interchangeably for the same game and similar set for playing. You will oftentimes see either of these two games played in people’s backyards or on the beach, and now there are even outdoor tournaments being organized frequently. What are the differences between the two and what is Slammo anyway?


Spikeball Questions and Answers

After writing my first articles about spikeball I received a lot of additional questions about this sport. That is why I have created a separate article answering all these questions, to complete your knowledge about this sport!

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