Kids’ Swimming Pool: Best Buying Guide for 2022

So, kids’ swimming pool, huh? In just a matter of time, the hotter months will be here and summer will approach. Kids will be out of school and will probably be bored at home. And what better way to entertain your kids during the warm season than by getting them a children’s pool? It’s a convenient way to make sure they are having fun in your own home and you can get it with just a couple of clicks on your phone. 

Getting a children’s pool is definitely a smart and practical way to keep your kids active while enjoying their time at home. As a parent, you can’t just let your kids waste their summertime indoors while being cooped up in a room with their gadgets, as most of them are so into nowadays. Because of this, It might even be difficult to convince them to go outside. That’s when the kiddie pool comes into play! 

You are probably thinking that buying a kiddie pool is not worth it. Some of you might already even have an adult-size pool in your backyards, so a kiddie pool is not necessary anymore. But if you think about it, a kiddie pool even makes more sense to have because it’s a much smaller and safer space appropriate for your child to play and beat the heat with. The return on investment on kiddie pools is a good one, if not great.

Little girl in a pool
Little girl in a pool

The benefits of a kiddie pool are just numerous. Having a kiddie pool in your backyard means you don’t have to pack up and drive anywhere, and it provides a whole summer of fun and entertainment. You don’t even have to use water to fill it. There are tons of ways to use the pool like making a ball pit, creating a fishing pond, or utilizing it as a sand pit. The possibilities are endless when you use you or your child’s imagination. 

So without further ado, let’s dive into the world of kiddie pools. 

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Factors to consider when picking the best kiddie pool

Now that you’ve agreed that a kiddie pool is the best way to let your kiddo enjoy summer by cooling off and splashing around, it’s now time to delve into choosing the best kiddie pool for them. Deciding what the best kiddie pool is for your kids is not at all a straightforward task. With different options available for you in the pool aisle of the store, making this decision can be a bit overwhelming. I’ve listed some of the important factors to consider when picking the best kiddie pool to help you arrive at a better decision. 

Age and size

Like kids, kiddie pools come in different sizes. The size of kids is usually dependent on their age. For example, a kiddie pool for one child is the perfect size for a baby, but for toddlers, they definitely need a larger one than that. If your kid is able to sit up and enjoy a little bit of splashing, smaller kiddie pools that are basically outdoor baby tubs are perfect. A smaller child should have a pool more suited to their size. Once they already know how to walk and splash a regular kiddie pool, which normally designed for children up to 2 years of age, is suitable for them. Older kids need more space because other than their size, they might want a deeper wading pool or they might also want pool accessories like a water slide. In summary, picking the right pool size based on their age and size is essential for safety and fun.

Material used: Hard Plastic vs. Inflatable Vinyl

Kids' Swimming Pool: Best Buying Guide for 2022 3
Little baby girls playing in inflatable pool

Kiddie pools are commonly made out of either hard plastic or inflatable vinyl. 

The biggest upside for hard plastic pools is they are easier to set up because you just whip it out from storage and voila! It’s already ready to use in no time at all. Hard plastic pools are also lower in height, so monitoring children from a few feet away is no problem at all because you would be able to see everything that’s going on whether they are sitting or crawling in the water. You can also be sure that the water will never be too deep for them. 

However, the downside to hard plastic kiddie pools is that the edges might be too sharp which can potentially scratch your kid, so you have to do an extra step of checking the edges to make sure that they won’t be harmful to kids while playing in the pool. Storage space is another disadvantage to this type of kiddie pool because they take up a lot of storage which some of you might not have. 

The more popular type of kiddie pool is the Inflatable vinyl kiddie pool. Compared to the hard plastic kiddie pool, sharp edges won’t be an issue because they have soft bouncy sides that eliminates your worry of your kid potentially getting hurt. Storage is also not an issue because you can just deflate and fold it when not in use and it would take up minimal storage space only. 

But with advantages comes disadvantages, of course. Inflatable pools are generally taller so you might have a difficult time seeing what the children are doing in the pool when you are a few feet away. Also, depending on their size, inflating the pool can take up a significant amount of time which is also the same situation for deflating and drying it after use and before storing. Lastly, the material being soft plus children playing can possibly lead to the pool being punctured which can ruin the fun and would make the pool possibly unusable .


Kids' Swimming Pool: Best Buying Guide for 2022 4
Little boy swimming in pool

Kiddie pools are only meant to last for a few years, which is fine, because your kids are growing as time passes by. This doesn’t mean that you should settle for kiddie pools that are not durable, though!  While it’s good to know that you would be fortunate enough if the kiddie pool lasts for more than one summer, you should make sure to get one that could last longer so you could get a better return on your money.

Hard plastic kiddie pools are obviously more durable than inflatable vinyl kiddie pools because the inflatable ones can be ruined by just a tiny hole that can be caused by your kids while playing in the pool or sharp objects like twigs when you are setting it up or storing it away. It’s possible to patch the hole, especially if it’s a tiny one, just to stop it from springing a leak but since inflatable vinyl pools are generally not pricey, patching it up over and over again might be more troublesome than its worth.


As mentioned earlier, inflatable pools don’t take up too much space in storage. This also means that inflatable pools are easier to carry around. If you want to go on a holiday to a place where there is no pool, a hard plastic pool may not be able to fit in your car. An inflatable pool can be deflated and folded, which makes it easier to put in the trunk of your car or the back seat. The air pump that comes along with it doesn’t usually take up lots of space as well. Yes, it might take a lot of time and effort to inflate it, but its portability definitely makes up for it.


Kids' Swimming Pool: Best Buying Guide for 2022 5
Boy with goggles swimming in a kid’s pool

Kiddie pools should not be considered as a long-term investment. It’s something you buy to get as much use as possible. They are not normally designed to last for more than a couple of summers, which is fine because your kid is going to grow up. Think of it more of an investment for the memories, and not for longevity. With every dollar spent on a kiddie pool equals the priceless joy brought by it to your kids every time they want to have water-splashing fun outside. The great news is that neither the hard plastic type nor the inflatable vinyl type is very pricey. Hard plastic kiddie pools are cheaper than inflatable vinyl ones, but the price difference is not so significant that it would be considered an issue.


Kids' Swimming Pool: Best Buying Guide for 2022 6
Baby girls playing with toys in inflatable pool

Last but definitely not the least is safety. This is, for me, the most important factor. We all want the kids to be safe as much as we want them to have fun. It’s important to remember that regardless of what type of pool you decide to buy, kids should always have adult supervision when they are playing in the kiddie pool. They should never be left unattended. 

Aside from the sharp edges, I discussed earlier, kiddie pools, especially ones that are made with plastic, can be slippery when the kids are standing up and moving around. Some made from vinyls can also be slippery especially when not dried and stored properly because the water residue can become slippery as well.  Choose a kiddie pool that has some grip on its floors to prevent your kids from slipping and falling. Hard plastic pools usually have embossed images on their floor which provides grip. There are also inflatable vinyl kiddie pools with ribbed or dotted floors which provide the same function. 

At the end of the day, whatever type of kiddie pool you buy, cleaning the pool every after use will ultimately help make their surface less slippery, and hygienic too!

Product Recommendations

Below, you will see a list of kids’ swimming pool recommendations that I have compiled so you don’t have to search the entire internet to decide which one to get. I also included a rating system based on the quality, price, and setup level.

AOKIWO Family Inflatable Kids’ Swimming Pool

kids' swimming pool
  • Price: $59.99
  • Set up Level: Easy, 3-4 minutes 
  • Quality: 4/5
  • Perfect for: Ages 3 and up 

This inflatable kids’ swimming pool is large and spacious with a 103” size so it is ideal for your high-energy little ones to roam around with. You can fill it with 302 gallons of water and you can even join the kids as it can fit two adults and four kids at a time. Now I know that safety is important when it comes to entertaining children but,  with this kids’ swimming pool, you don’t have to worry since it is CPC and CPSIA certified.

That means the material is Naphtalene, lead, and BPA-free. Plus, the bottom of this product is thick so it will not tear easily even if you use it often. It is made it durable, environment-friendly PVC so it’s practically indestructible. The inflation time is about three to four minutes if you have an electric pump and includes two drain plugs that are built-in. Available size: 103” x 59” x 20” and 118” x 72” x 20”

Inflatable Kids’ Swimming Pool Oversized 118″ x 72″ x 22″ Inflatable Kiddie Swimming Pool

kids' swimming pool
  • Price: $89.99
  • Set up Level: Easy 
  • Quality: 5/6 
  • Perfect for: Ages 3 and up 

Second on the list is this full-sized inflatable kiddie pool perfect for your backyard. It is made with a Polyvinyl and 0.4mm PVC material so it is guaranteed durable and sturdy. Its 118” x 72” x 22” size allows about 320 gallons of water so your kids can splash around and have fun in the sun.

This item has three individual air chambers that help the kids’ swimming pool from having air leakage and handle the extra weight.

Although, in the event of a little damage, you can easily repair the product as it comes with a spare patch. Set up is also easy with this kids’ swimming pool because it is specifically designed with three individual horizontal compartments so the inflation and deflation are hassle-free. 

Jasonwell Inflatable Kids Kiddie Pool 

kids swimming pool
  • Price: $49.99
  • Set up Level: Easy 
  • Quality: 4/5
  • Perfect for: Ages 1 to 3 

For those of you who have smaller children, you might want to check out this Jasonwell Inflatable Kids Pool perfect for wading. This product is ideal for toddlers or if you have a smaller space to set up a kids’ swimming pool.

The setup is quick and worry-free for busy parents as well because all you need to do is put it on level ground, inflate the top ring, and fill it with water. Easy, right? Although this item is smaller than the other ones mentioned, it can still fit two adults and three to five kids at a time, which is great for those of you who want to supervise the water fun for safety purposes.

This kids’ swimming pool is made with naphtalene and lead-free materials so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals near your kids. It also meets the safety standards of CPSIA, CPC, and ASTM.

Hamdol Inflatable Kids’ Swimming Pool

Kids' Swimming Pool: Best Buying Guide for 2022 7
  • Price: $99.99
  • Set up Level: Intermediate, 5-9 minutes 
  • Quality: 5/5
  • Perfect for: Ages 3 and up 

Fourth on our list is this adorable Hamdol Inflatable Pool, perfect for the in-between kids who are not too young and not too grown up yet. The size of this is 99” x 97” x 22” which can fit around two adults and three to five kids. The fun part about this product is the elephant nostril shaped water sprinkler that will entertain your kids for hours.

Like with the other items mentioned, this one is also CPSIA, CPC and ASTM certified so the material is safe for the little ones. The white cap of the design reflects the sun’s heat so you and your family will not burn yourselves if you’re having fun on a sunny day. The setup for this pool is designed with four individual chambers to prevent air from leaking. Hamdol Inflatable Pool takes around five to eight minutes to inflate and deflate if you’re using an electric pump.

Sunallin Inflatable Swimming Pool for Kids and Adults

Kids' Swimming Pool: Best Buying Guide for 2022 8
  • Price: $63.99
  • Set up Level: Easy, 3-4 minutes 
  • Quality: 5/5 
  • Perfect for: Ages 3 and up

If you’re looking for a larger-sized kids’ swimming pool for the whole family to enjoy, check out this Sunallin Inflatable Swimming Pool. I recommend this for those of you who enjoy hanging out in the backyard, having a pool party, and making barbecues during hotter months. Kids over the age of three can enjoy this item but it can also fit around two adults and three children.

This product is designed with three individual air chambers with a double intake and free-flow exhaust valve. This allows the kids’ swimming pool to withstand the extra weight and avoid air leakage. It is made with material that is 50% thicker than the ones in the market which reduces the risk of tears and punctures. This Sunallin pool is easy to use and you can inflate each chamber for about a minute each. It also has a 90-degree vertical drainpipe to double the draining speed when you want to store it away. 

I had fun reviewing these adorable kids’ swimming pools and I hope my recommendations can help you out. 

When you are going to buy one of these pools, I suggest you invest in a high-quality electric pump for easy pool setup. No pressure though! (Pun intended 😉 Check out my electric pump reviews here). If you do end up getting one, don’t forget to let me know in the comments down below. You can also reach out to me on my Facebook and Instagram if you would like to know my recommendations for other products.