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Below is my review of the Beyond Marina Paddle Board.

Paddle boarding is one of the most popular water sport across the world over decades!
There are many paddle board varieties, ranging from All-round paddle boards, Yoga SUPs, Fishing SUPs etc.. You may not have experienced using an inflatable paddle board yet, but they are so popular for a reason. They are highly portable, durable and fun. We recommend inflatable SUP boards for every level, from beginner to expert paddle boarders. Whether you’re an experienced paddler or a newbie, you will still need that perfect inflatable paddle board.

About the Brand

Beyond Marina paddle board is a quality manufacturer of inflatable paddle boards with premium drop-stitch PVC material. Their boards are constructed very sturdy so they will not damage easily from a drop, ding, or scratch. All their boards go through a multi-stage extreme quality check, so you know you’re getting a rigid, reliable SUP board.

Their innovations and design in each paddle board offer their customers an amazing experience on a high quality inflatable paddle board.

They pride in their ultra-light, large cargo sections, extra grab handles, very long traction pads encased in distinctive, uncommon designs.

Beyond Marina Paddle Board Collection 2021

Beyond Marina Paddle Board 10″6 2021 Specifications:

Length: 10’6″
Width: 32″
Thickness: 6″
Weight: 15.2 lbs
Carrying capacity: 300 lbs
D-Rings: 5
Paddle: Black Carbon Fiberglass Paddle with Nylon Blade
Includes: Paddle, Leash, Backpack, Dual Action High Pressure Pump, 8″ fin
Warranty: 60 Day Guarantee and 2 Years Warranty

The Complete Package of the Beyond Marina Paddle Board

Beyond Marina SUP Paddle

Beyond Marina SUP Paddle

The Beyond Marina paddle is light and of high quality. This means your paddling is faster and easier. Because it is lightweight, you will not get tired easily. It has a carbon fiber shaft and a nylon blade.

When buying the Beyond Marina Paddle expect that your paddling performance will be greatly improved. Due to its lighter components, the paddle helps even beginners steer through the waters with ease.

Beyond Marina SUP Leash

Beyond Marina SUP Leash

The Beyond Marina SUP Leash is a coiled leash and of course I think these are the best type of leashes. They only extend when needed so they are not in the way while you are paddling. It is 10 feet long and will keep your Beyond Marina Paddle Board close if you ever fall in the water.

Beyond Marina SUP Pump

Beyond Marina Dual Action Pump

The Beyond Marina Dual-action Pump is an easy way to inflate your board, with all up and down strokes forcing air into the inflatable paddle board. It Inflates your Beyond Marina paddle board in less than 10 minutes! The width could reach up to 32” which is very stable and stiff on water. Just toss it in your car or carry-on baggage on the plane with no roof rack or garage needed! Read my guide about the best SUP pumps or do it the easy way with the best electric SUP Pump.

Beyond Marina Fin

Beyond Marina Snap-on Fin

A tool-less fin that can be easily snapped onto your Beyond Marina paddle board. It helps you gain more control over the board and takes you in the right direction. By far the easiest assembly, this SUP board kit gets you on the water in no time.

Beyond Marina Travel Back Pack

Beyond Marina Travel Backpack

The Beyond Marina Travel Backpack is the newly designed heavy-duty SUP travelling backpack. With its heavy-duty zippers and padded shoulder and waist straps, this bag is perfect for your next SUP adventure. Overall, this backpack offers all of the needed support and convenience when having to carry your Beyond Marina paddle board and gear for a longer period of time

Beyond Marina SUP with Pup

Conclusion – Should you buy?

The Beyond Marina paddle board is perfect for beginner to advanced paddle boarders. This is a great entry level, budget SUP board. It even fits up to 300 lbs or a max of two to three people depending on their weight, to have more fun on the water together.

The kit already includes everything you need to get started on supping from the pump, leash, fins, paddles and travel backpack, you are sure to enjoy your first or even your tenth time on the board.

I would recommend you to purchase this paddle board if you are eager to learn how to SUP. For beginners this is a great and affordable option to get started.

If you are an advanced paddle boarder, I’m pretty sure you will like the ease and convenience this board offers and would highly choose it due to its quick and easy assembly. It means more time on the water for you.

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Review written by: Tom

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