Planning Your Apostle Islands Kayaking Trip!

Are you planning a kayaking trip to the Apostle Islands kayaking? This is a popular kayaking destination due to the scenic views and the 22 islands that surround the northern tip of Wisconsin’s Bayfield Peninsula.

There are many islands to explore here, which is why many kayakers visit Apostle Islands for Kayaking!

What makes this location unique? The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore has nine historic lighthouses spread across six islands. People want to discover Lake Superior’s hidden gems.

Planning Your Apostle Islands Kayaking Trip! 1
Apostle islands kayaking

Why Visit In Apostle Islands?

  • Over 800 plant species can be found here. 
  • Forested with a wide range of trees 
  • The island is home to a diverse range of species. 
  • One of the most extensive black bear populations in North America. 
  • 80% of gull populations breed 
  • Ecosystem diversity and a thriving wildlife population 
  • Unique geological formations can be found here. 
  • The Apostle Islands Sea Caves are a popular place to explore, particularly by kayak.

Why Should You Go To Apostle Islands for Kayaking?

This is one of the most well-known and best places in the United States to go kayaking. You can see the stunning sea caves that have formed on the shores of Lake Superior here.

You can best explore the area by kayaking, so bring your own or rent one nearby. Once you’ve been to Lake Superior, you’ll be eager to paddle to the Apostle Islands proper, where you’ll be amazed by the Sandstone Structures and amazing caves that are Instagram-worthy!

Apostle islands kayaking
Apostle islands kayaking

Apostle Islands Kayaking: Day Tour

If you only want to spend a few days exploring and kayaking in the Apostle Islands, some local guiding companies offer tours to their visitors. This kayaking trip requires basic to intermediate kayaking skills.

They also have tandem kayaks available, which is ideal if your children and other family members want to explore the area. This would be an excellent Apostle Islands kayaking experience for your children, especially if it was their first time.

Sand Island In A Day includes an 8-mile round-trip paddle rind and the opportunity to hike on Sand Island. This is one of the most popular activities in the area.

You don’t have to worry when you sign up for guides because they have all of the safety equipment, kayaking equipment, and a brief lesson for beginners who want to try this activity.

Apostle islands kayaking
Apostle islands kayaking

Apostle Islands Kayaking: Multi-Day Kayaking

It is still possible to take multiple tours in Apostle Islands to enhance your kayaking adventure experience. You’ll be going from shore to shore. Again, some companies only offer this type of setup and have different itineraries every day!

Overnight trips are more appropriate for advanced paddlers or those who are already familiar with open-water kayaking, as well as those looking for more extreme adventures. There are numerous activities that some companies provide, about which you will learn more once you arrive in the area.

It is also possible to inquire online about the services they provide so that you can get a better idea of their packages and itineraries.

Apostle islands kayaking

Apostle Islands Kayaking: No Local Guide

An Apostle Islands Kayaking Trip without a Guide is also an option and permitted in the area. However, this is only advised and recommended for advanced paddlers or kayakers who have prior paddling experience.

Because you will be taking long trips, it will be a great challenge for kayakers, especially given the unpredictable weather conditions. Going to explore the islands should require advanced skills. To stay afloat in the current, you should have excellent navigation skills. 

Apostle islands kayaking

If you’re an experienced paddler who wants to go kayaking in the Apostle Islands on your own, you can take several trips, including the Outer Island loop, a 75-mile kayaking adventure that will allow you to visit all 11 islands in about a week. This is only recommended for experienced paddlers.

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Essentials and Equipment Required for an Apostle Islands Kayaking Trip:

  • Wet or dry suits are recommended. 
  • Wear a Personal Floatation Device 
  • Maritime Radio 
  • Cellphone 
  • Kit for First Aid 
  • A Second Paddle 
  • Portable Cooking Device 
  • Compass 
  • Map 
  • Long rope (at least 50 feet) 
  • Fire starters that are waterproof 
  • a dry bag 
  • Watertight containers 
  • Red Alert for Emergencies

These items should be included in your trip because the NPS recommends carrying them to ensure that if something goes wrong, you have the necessary items to seek assistance. Apostle Islands Kayaking may have a difficult time spotting sea kayaks, so markings and flags should be brought for increased visibility.

Is it safe to kayak on a sea cave in the Apostle Islands? 

Kayaking in The Sea Cave is a thrilling experience and a great adventure for paddlers. However, there are some precautions you should take before going kayaking in a Sea Cave. You must consider the weather, windy conditions, and the dangers of high seas.

If the water rebounds to the rock formations, there is a good chance that smaller vessels, such as sea kayaks, will capsize if you kayak in bad weather.

Planning Your Apostle Islands Kayaking Trip! 2

How Should You Plan Your Apostle Islands Sea Cave Kayaking?

It is highly recommended that you plan ahead of time if you intend to go kayaking in a sea cave. You should plan your itinerary ahead of time and keep an eye on the weather forecast.

As previously stated, the weather is unpredictable. If the weather does not cooperate with your preferred paddling schedule, there are some alternatives that you can visit and explore during your Apostle Islands kayaking trip. It is far preferable to be safe at all times than to have fun but be in danger.

Planning Your Apostle Islands Kayaking Trip! 3

Things to Do in the Apostle Islands

Kayaking on the Apostle Islands.

This is one of the best things to do when visiting this location. Some locations are difficult to reach but offer spectacular views. Kayaking, on the other hand, allows you to explore the area and see things like shipwrecks, caves, and other naturally beautiful scenery. If you are an experienced paddler, you should not miss out on visiting National Lakeshore.

Apostle Islands Camping

With so many campgrounds to choose from, this is one of the best places to go for outdoor camping! This would make your sweet getaway memorable. Some sites can also be reached by kayak, which can be risky, especially if you have children with you.

Exploring Ice Caves and Sea Caves

The Apostle Islands have many sandstone caves that you should not miss seeing! This is one of the area’s best features and one of the reasons tourists keep returning. You can sign up for tours with tour guides to see the breathtaking natural scenery

Planning Your Apostle Islands Kayaking Trip! 4

Sailing Around the Apostle Islands

This is also one of the best things to do when visiting the Apostle Islands. You will be able to enjoy the scenic views and the Islands’ unique points of interest. Some guides rent out this activity to both experienced and inexperienced participants!

Apostle Islands Hiking

This destination is a hiker’s paradise with over fifty miles of trail in the National Lakeshore Islands. This is one of Northern Wisconsin’s best hiking areas. You will be able to explore historic sites, lighthouses, and stunning points of interest while hiking! Stockton is one of the best and most popular hiking destinations, with 6 trails to choose from.

Apostle Islands fishing

Those who enjoy fishing will be delighted to be in this location, as it is one of the best places in the area to catch trout and salmon! When is the best time to go fishing? Spring is the best time to fish in the Apostle Islands because trout and salmon are the most active. This is a popular fishing spot.

Planning Your Apostle Islands Kayaking Trip! 5

Apostle Islands Kayaking Conclusion

The Apostle Islands would be a fantastic destination to visit, especially if you enjoy outdoor activities and watersports! There is no doubt that going to the Apostle Islands for kayaking is one of the best recommendations by kayakers due to the beautiful scenery that it offers as well as the adventure and excitement that it provides to paddlers!

Aside from that, there are many things to explore in the area, making it an excellent getaway for those in need of a break! If you bring your family, they can explore the area as well, and you can sign up with local tour guides who will give you a full itinerary to explore the area and ensure that your stay is memorable!

Apostle islands kayaking rentals are available in the area too! Again, there are some great places to explore on this island that cannot be seen by sightseeing but can be seen most of the time by paddling.

In the meantime, I’d love to connect with you on my Facebook, and Instagram accounts for more cool tips and recommendations on paddle boards and kayaks.

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