About me

Tom - team Stand up paddle board world

Hi there!

My name is Tom, 30 years old, I live in the Netherlands. Yep, that’s the country that is for one third under water. Maybe that’s why I just love water 😉.

Ever since I was a child my parents have been taking me to the coast of the Netherlands. I love all sports that are related to water.

The most amazing thing about paddleboarding for me is the ease to go out with my board. I always SUP on an inflatable board; this is already waiting in my backpack. I get on my bicycle or take the car and a few moments later I am paddling around in the most relaxing places. Lovely!

I primarily go paddleboarding to relax after a day of hard work

The combination of my work behind the computer and my love for water sports is what made me start this website. On StandupPaddleboardWorld I review the most popular Stand Up Paddle Boards that are available on the market at the moment. I compare them to other models and try to give my opinion about them as honest as possible!

Although I spend a lot of time at my pc, I’m not very active on Social Media. You can follow me on FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM but forgive me if I do not respond to your message within a day😉

Do you have any questions or do you have advice for my website? Please send me an email at: tom@standuppaddleboardworld.com. I would love to get in touch with you and exchange our SUP experiences. 😊


– Tom